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Clear Bra Installation

Clear Bra Installation / DIY Instructions

We are a Montgomery County area Clear Bra installer located in Rockville, MD. We also sell DIY clear bra kits with installation instructions (below)
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Clear Bra Installation Tools:

  • Teflon Coated Squeegee (available for purchasing)
  • 3M Detail Cloth (available for purchasing)
  • Two (2) One Quart Spray Bottles (available for purchasing)
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, do not substitute other soaps (available for purchasing)
  • 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (available for purchasing)

General Instructions:

  • Controlled environment with temperature range from 60°F to 90°F is required for all Paint Protection Film installation. Windy condition or under direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • One of the spray bottles is filled with water, and 2-3 drops of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is added to prepare the soap solution. The soap solution should sheet off the hood and not producing much froth when properly mixed.
  • In the other spray bottle, the alcohol solution is prepared by using one part of the 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol with two parts of water.
  • The application surface should be cleaned with 3M Wax and Silicone Remover to ensure all contaminations such as road tar, grease, wax, dirt, oil, and bug residue are removed. CAUTION: DO NOT ALLOW PLASTIC HEADLIGHT LENSES TO COME IN CONTACT WITH THE 3M WAX AND SILICONE REMOVER.
  • Any residual 3M Wax and Silicone Remover could be cleaned using the alcohol solution.
  • Before removing the liner, the size and placement of all parts should be identified.
  • As dirt on your hand might be transferred to the adhesive, both hands should be cleaned thoroughly. Only handle the adhesive side of the film when necessary and fingers should always be kept wet. Any contact with the adhesive should be minimal to prevent the causing of fingerprints on the film.
  • Cut between various parts of the kit using scissors to separate the pieces as multi-piece kits are usually plotted on one piece of material. Smaller parts such as the mirror pieces or fenders should be set aside until needed.
Clear Bra: Hood Installation

Clear Bra: Hood Installation

  • By using the soap solution, wet the hood and all fingers thoroughly.
  • Roll up the kit horizontally starting from one of the fender’s end, with its backing being inside and the clear film facing outward. Peel up a small amount of film to expose part of the adhesive.
  • In order to roll off the clear film from its backing onto the hood, tack the exposed section of the kit onto the correct side of the hood with well wetted fingers.
  • Hold the exposed end of material on the hood with one hand, and slowly pull the liner with another hand towards the other end of the hood to expose the entire kit.
  • The kit is now placed on the area to be covered with its adhesive side facing down. More soap solution should be sprayed under the kit allowing it to be easily positioned on the hood. Spray both the material and the hood with plenty of soap solution by lifting the material one side at a time.
  • The kit is then centered between both fenders and placed 1/16 inch from the front edge of the hood. It is normal if the kit does not line up with every edge of the hood as the curvature of the hood might cause excess film that requires stretching. Be sure that the kit is symmetrical from both ends of hood, and realign the kit if it is not symmetrical on all edges.
  • Under the center of the kit, spray a small amount of alcohol solution. Gently squeegee the hood piece vertically at the center starting from top down with increasing pressure and overlapping strokes to create a 4 inch wide area free of solution.
  • Now that the material is anchored at the center and will not slide out of place, lift one end of the material up to the point at which the kit has adhered. Spray the adhesive side of the material and the hood with the soap solution.
  • Gently stretch the kit into position using one hand to line up along both front and side edges of the hood, ensuring a 1/16 inch gap from the hood edge.
  • Spray the end of the kit with alcohol solution and tack the side of the film onto the hood end. Please note that the alcohol solution allows the material to adhere quickly onto surface, it is important to work quickly in order to hold the kit along the side of the hood.
  • Starting from the middle point of the anchored center of the hood, make a horizontal stroke using the squeegee toward the side edge of the hood.
  • Starting back at the center, make upward and overlapping strokes from the adhered horizontal middle to the top edge of the kit moving toward the first contoured area of the hood. The same is done on the lower half with downward strokes starting from the middle toward the bottom edge of the kit until the contoured area of the hood is reached. Firm pressure is necessary in order to avoid trapped bubbles underneath the material.
  • If there is a groove or valley on the hood, spray a large amount of alcohol solution under the groove to wash away all soap solution underneath.
  • The trailing edge of the kit is then squeegee down into the ridge until completely sealed. This can be done by pressing down the material into the deepest part of the groove and squeegee the kit from side to side starting from the top of the ridge. Slide fingertips down the groove to the front edge of the hood with pressure to expose excess material, and squeegee the remaining section.
  • Be sure not to allow the material to pop back up in the area above fingertips as air will leak past the material if the film is not held down firmly. Squeegee the area follow behind fingertips until the area will stay down by itself.
  • Squeegee the film from the ridge toward the headlamp using firm pressure while stretching the kit around the grille.
  • If any area along the edges has lifted back up, wrap the squeegee with a paper towel and squeegee the lifted edges again. The paper towel is used to absorb any moisture around the edges that interferes the adhesion of the material.
  • Repeat steps 8 to 18 for the opposite side of the hood.

Clear Bra: Fenders Installation
Clear Bra: Fenders Installation

  • The alcohol solution itself could be used to apply smaller fender pieces. It is usually easier to begin the installation by lining up the front edge of the piece with the front edge of the fender, ensuring a 1/16 inch of gap in between.
  • The aligned area is then squeegee using increasingly firmer strokes until the area is solution free in order to anchor the part in place.
  • The rest of the piece is then aligned and some gentle stretching might be necessary to achieve a 1/16 inch of gap around all other edges.
  • For the remaining parts, squeegee using firm and overlapping strokes to avoid leaving bubbles.
  • With heavily contoured fenders, wrap the squeegee with paper towel and run over the edges again using firm strokes to push out any fingers or wrinkles found along the edges.

Clear Bra: Mirrors Installation
Clear Bra: Mirrors Installation

  • Wet the mirror thoroughly using the alcohol solution, and lay the mirror piece on the surface to be covered. Ensure that enough alcohol solution is present in order for the kit to move freely. The kit is then aligned evenly around all edges, and squeegee in place around the inside edge.
  • Now that the piece is anchored on the inner edge, spray a large amount of soap solution under the rest of the kit.
  • By placing a wet hand on top of the outer edge of the film, stretch the film outwardly until all wrinkles are pulled out from all edges around the kit.
  • Squeegee outwardly using firm strokes starting from the inner edge of the mirror. It is normal for the squeegee to bend indicating sufficient pressure is applied to hold the piece down in place.
  • Any remaining soap solution on the edges is then washed out using the alcohol solution. Using very firm strokes squeegee any wrinkles from the center out. If necessary, push out any stubborn wrinkles with the squeegee wrapped in paper towel.

Clear Bra: Headlights Installation
Clear Bra: Headlights Installation

  • Mix 25% Alcohol and 75% water in a spray bottle. Use the mixed solution to thoroughly clean the surface of the headlight being certain to remove all grease, wax, tar and dirt. Dry the headlight with a lint free cloth. DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING PAPER AT THIS POINT!
  • For best results, both the headlight and the Headlight Protection Kit should be above room temperature during installation. It is best to perform installation in a controlled environment. In order to achieve a higher installation temperature, turn on the headlight high beams and wait until the headlight becomes warm to the touch, or use the heat gun or hair dryer to gently warm the light surfaces.

    It is best if the kit pieces are also slightly above room temperature. This may be accomplished with the heat gun or hair dryer.
  • Before removing the protective backing paper, dry fit each piece to be certain that you are applying the proper piece on the proper light. Wet your fingers thoroughly with the alcohol solution. It is important that you not touch the exposed adhesive surface of the kit with dry fingers. Handling the adhesive side of the piece with dry fingers or hands will leave marks that will not go away.

    With hands and fingers wet, remove the backing paper and immediately spray the now exposed adhesive side of the piece thoroughly with the alcohol solution. Spray the warmed headlight thoroughly with the alcohol solution. Apply the piece to the light and use your hand to smooth the piece onto the light from the center out.

    Then use the squeegee to force the solution out along the edges of the piece by using firm, continuous strokes, from the center out.

  • On contoured surfaces, the adhesive will not stick to the lens immediately. In this case, use the heat gun or hair dryer to gently heat between the lens and the plastic. This will soften the plastic and evaporate some of the moisture allowing for better contouring of the material. DO NOT OVERHEAT THE PLASTIC. The material needs only to be warmed.
  • You may notice a hazy appearance between the lens and the plastic within an hour of installation. This is caused by residual moisture that has become trapped between the kit and the light. This is a normal occurrence and it should last no longer than 1 week. Heat accelerates the dissipation of the moisture. Driving with lights on at all times is helpful. The adhesive should cure for at least 48 hours before washing your vehicle.

Clear Bra: Application Hints

  • To avoid leaving bubbles under the film, ensure that overlapping strokes are used in application.
  • Pay close attention to curvy or contoured areas where bubbles tend to form most often.
  • Gentle stretching may be necessary on contoured areas, avoid excessive stretching.
  • When dirt or air is found under the material or when repositioning is necessary, the film may be pulled
  • back up gently. Be sure to spray plenty of soap solution underneath the area while slowly pulling up the material.

Clear Bra: Care Instructions

  • Upon completion of applying all pieces, be sure to check on all edges for lifted up areas or any wrinkles. For any wrinkles found, spray some alcohol solution into the lifted up area and squeegee again. Hold down with a finger for a minute on the spot after squeegeed and the area should stay in tack.
  • The product may be washed and waxed just like the rest of the vehicle as usual.
  • It is advisable to apply a layer of wax on the material soon after installation in order to close the pores on the clear coat. Doing so will prevent staining the material with any form of contaminants.
  • Avoid directing nozzle against any edges to prevent lifting of the material. Irreparable lifting of the material might result from picking at the edges or corners.
  • If any wax buildups are found along any edges, gently wipe the wax away using cotton buds.
  • If any swirl marks or light scratches are noticed on the material, gently wipe the area using undiluted Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol.
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