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  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

What Is Clear Bra Automotive Paint Protection?

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film is a rugged eight mil (.008") clear Urethane plastic employing a clear-coat finish for maximum shine. This durable material has been used successfully for years by the military, various auto manufacturers, and NASCAR race teams in rock chip prone areas with incredible results.

Our Paint Protection Film is Gaurenteed for up to 10 years after installation.

Here's Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Protection Film

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What is clear bra paint protection film?
clear bra paint protection film is used to protect the integrity and beauty of your vehicle's paint finish. The 8mil (.008") colorless urethane film adheres to the vulnerable painted areas of the vehicle (ie. hood front, fenders, side mirrors, grille, front bumper, etc.). 3M PPF is one of the most advanced, thoroughly tested, protective films you can apply to your vehicle.
Does it really stop rocks from chipping the front of my car?
Absolutely! The clear bra paint protection film material was originally designed by engineers to protect the leading edges of aircraft propellers and rotor blades from rock chips. The film was then used on military vehicles in Desert Storm and eventually used by professional race car teams. Now it is finally available for the general public to protect their personal vehicles. Rocks, stones, and gravel are no match for this product.
Is it really invisible?
clear bra paint protection kits are very difficult to see once they are properly installed. A slight line is visible from certain angles at the top of the hood and fender sections. The grille and bumper kits are nearly undetectable. The average person will walk by the vehicle and never notice it is there until you point it out to them.
Is installation difficult? Can I do it myself?
The installation difficulty varies depending on the vehicle. Some vehicles are quick and easy while others with heavy contours can take more time and patience to install a kit properly. We provide you with detailed written instructions and installation videos on our website.

Our videos are broken down by section (ie, hood, bumper, mirrors, etc.) and show the process of a typical installation. 90% of our customers choose to install the kits themselves and have great success. Customers also have the benefit of our years of installation experience.

We are always available for questions and additional instruction if needed. Also, if you decide you do not want to attempt the installation yourself, we can always assist you in finding an installer in your local area.
How long will it last?
Most of our products are warranted for 5 years or more. clear bra paint protection film has an average life span of around 5 years. The clear bra should be treated and maintained just like your car. Keeping the vehicle in a garage, waxing the car and bra with spray waxes and washing the vehicle regularly will help the clear bra looking new longer.
What area of my car will be covered?
We offer the best coverage possible for all makes and models but each pattern is unique to that specific vehicle. Most complete kits will include partial hood, fenders, side mirrors, front bumpers, and headlights.

Additional options may include grilles, roof tops, rocker panels, pillars, and luggage area kits for the rear bumper. As the customer, you get to pick and choose which options you prefer.
Is there a Certified Installer in my area?
3M, Avery and VentureShield have trained thousands of certified installers. We can easily help you find a local installer if you decide not to install the kit yourself. Most likely we can give you a few to choose from so you can choose the best installer for a resonable price.
Can I reuse this material?
No, clear bra paint protection film can not be reused. The film must be applied to the vehicle once it is removed from it's paper backing. Once the film is applied to the car, it starts to adhere and should not be removed. If you were to pull the material off the vehicle after installing, it will begin to stretch and loose it's shape.
Will this product damage my paint?
No, paint protection film is meant to protect your paint from many damaging agents. It will not damage your vehicle's original paint in any way.
Can it be removed?
Yes. The clear bra can be removed safely and easily. Each installer has a unique way of removing film. In our experience the best way is to allow the car to sit in the sun to warm the film. If it is cold outside, you can warm the film with a hair dryer but this is not always neccessary.

Start by peeling up a corner section of the clear bra with your fingernail. When you have a small section free, begin pulling the film towards you at a 10 degree angle. This actually stretches the film and releases it slowly from the painted surface. As new sections release, slowly progress across the vehicle until all material is removed.
Do I need to do anything to maintain my vehicle once applied? What happens when I wax my car?
There is nothing special to maintaining a clear bra. Wash and wax your vehicle as you always have, but stay away from paste waxes. These can leave a residue along the edges of the film and some colored paste waxes can actually dye the film over time.

Stick with clear spray waxes when possible. Plexus spray wax is a great product for polishing a clear bra. Spray it directly on the bra and wipe with a clean cloth.
What do I do if wax builds up on the edges of the kit when I wax my vehicle?
Q-tips, a soft toothbrush or a microfiber cloth does a great job in removing wax buildup. Abrasive polishes and/or rubbing compounds should not be used on a clear bra.
What if I want to take my car through a car wash?
Once the product has cured on the vehicle for a few days after installation, feel free to run it through any car wash. The clear bra will not be affected.
How long does installation take?
Installation times will depend upon the complexity of the vehicle. An average vehicle's clear bra installation should be around 2- 4 hours.
What is the Warranty?
Film manufacturers guarantee the film will not yellow, crack or peel. The film is warranted for 5 years from date of purchase, however the warranty will not cover any damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, accidents, misuse or improper installation.
Will my kit fit perfectly?
Some kits may appear to be shorter then required for coverage. These kits are designed this way to compensate for curves and contours on your vehicle. The kits are meant to be tacked with a squeegee and then stretched into place. Material should never hang over the edge. Kits should be stretched 1/16th to 1/8th of the inch from the edge. This allows air bubbles and solution to be squeegeed out to the edges and released.
How is the kit applied?
Clear bra installations are similar to installing window tint. Paint protection film and the painted surfaces are sprayed with a soap solution. The clear bra section is aligned into position, and then the soap solution is squeegeed away. If the paint protection film section is difficult to lay down, the alcohol solution can be used to adhere the section.
Will my paint fade differently under the film than it does on the rest of the car?
No. UV rays will pass through the film. Your paint will not fade differently from the rest of the vehicle.
How long should I wait to apply your product if my car has been repainted?
Always, always, always consult the body shop who repainted the vehicle for their recommendation. Most likely, they will ask you to wait at least 30 days for the new paint to cure before applying the clear br.

Applying a clear bra on a repainted surface can be tricky. A repainted surface, 9 times out of 10, is not as strong as the original paint. If the clear bra installer allows the kit to sit on the surface too long before rewetting it, the adhesive side of the film can adhere and easily pull the paint.

Installers must move quickly and maintain a wet surface so prevent damaging the new paint.
Can paint protection film be applied over a vehicle that had the paint touched up?
3M recommends that any repainted surfaces on your vehicle be professionally painted and fully cured before applying paint protection film.

If you have touched up scratches or chips with a tube of 'touch-up' paint and then apply paint protection film over it, the film will protect that area until it is removed. If the paint protection film is removed, it is possible the area with the touch-up paint could peel off with the film.
Is Headlight film different than paint protection film?
Yes, paint protection film is normally 8 mil thick and the Lamin-x headlight film is 20 mil thick. Headlight protection film is meant to be thicker than paint protection film so it protects the vehicle's lenses from rock chips, sand blasting and cracking from a potential impact from rock debris.

If you are not interested in protecting the lens from an impact you can request the headlight pattern to be cut on the 8mil film instead. The choice of film is up to your personal preference.
Does the application of these kits adversely affect the illumination of my lights?
Clear headlight protection film blocks less that one tenth of one percent (.1%) of the light produced by your headlights. You will never see a difference in the illumination of your vehicle's lights. The colored film will dim the light passing through the film slightly. The dark smoked film blocks the most light at 10%.
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